Bundoora Park Meet up



Yesterday the Northern Melbourne Chat Rheum had their first meet up at The Farm Cafe in Bundoora Park. It was lovely to catch up with Naomi and finally meet Melissa and her daughter. As we hadn’t been there in a while we sussed over the menu a little and discussed positive things such as work and interviews, which can be a stressful yet exciting time not knowing what is ahead. It flowed onto food, thermomixes, cats, Geocaching and meds. It was great to relax over a coffee and some lunch.

We were persuaded to explore the playground by Melissa’s daughter. This was a wonderful adventure that got us out in the winter sun, where there were emu over the fence to admire from afar. We went for an imaginary ride in the tractor and walked through a water park and even a maze with beautiful butterflies in it. I am looking forward to future Rheummy meets without the Dr present, haha. Thank you ladies, looking forward to it again soon and meeting the many other Rheum mates in the group!

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