Emerald Meetup at Elevation


Elevation calamariemerald_firstmeetup2

Last Sunday saw the first Emerald Chat Rheum Meetup! Four people attended; three who had met before and one who had come to a YWASG event years ago and is now living in the hills.

We enjoyed a beautiful lunch at Elevation in Emerald, a favourite place of mine, and although it was a small gathering it was very enjoyable and gave us a chance to really get to know one another. With an open fire and great views it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And this is really what Chat Rheum is all about. It’s getting out and enjoying the company of new friends, having a bite to eat and chatting about anything and everything. It’s a time to forget about your pain for a while, but still have the comfort in knowing the people you are with understand you and are willing to be supportive if you need to talk.

Our next meetup is planned for 2nd June and will be an afternoon tea in Sassafras. Looking forward to meeting more people from the hills 🙂


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