Rheum Resources

These resources are designed to assist you in attracting new Rheum Mates so your community can grow.

Planner Kit

This is a 3 page pdf with tips on how to create successful Meetups, examples of how to share via social media and much more.

Here is a pdf of an A4 sign, which you can print off and put up wherever you like! You could ask your GP or Rheumatologist to post one up in their waiting room.


Business Cards
There are lots of business card printing companies online that can print cards for a very small fee. Some in fact do them free! Here are a few business card files you can use to get cards made – these are print ready with crop marks. Vertical ones are 55x90mm and the square one is 55x55mm. If you need something specific or a different size, please let me know and I can provide something different. To cover any costs, you could get a few of your Rheum Mates to chip in a few dollars.


If you need to use a logo to make something or post online somewhere, please use one of these. Do not change any colours or stretch the images at all. Cropping of the black is allowed, but prefer to keep the square shape for consistency. There is a thumbnail, small and large size.




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